Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The decisions we make.

" I miss her a lot. And tried to keep up the contacts. I thought she likes me. We used to call and chat  and ofcourse she talks like she care me a lot. This girl never showed any kind of dislike or hatred through any means or at any time. We were more than just friends, and my friends used to envy me. I thought i was in love and i was soooo happy. Days just passed and never knew that, to her i'm just a friend. Yes, just a friend. I did worry when she was forgetting me. Still not knowing its my fate or my mistake. Not knowing she is doing it purposefully or not. One day she will understand me that i cared her a lot, loved her a lot. but that day, would be ...way too far from this day and i would have been moved on.

Yes, I will move on. This is my life and I have the right to live it. Even though its hurts me a lot, I will forget you. I have to.

Sorry dear, I still love you. May god bless you."


Anonymous said...

tears welled up in my eyes i just managed to hold them back :(

Shafi said...

Hi ,anonymous dude.. its just a story.. :|

its me said...

dude now its very spontaneously and unconsciously put down...and its not a story i can bet

redza said...

nice story^^

LakshmiLakshmanan said...

a real feeling!
i am gettin tears :(

Shafi said...

@its me.

Hm.. What i can say to you.
By the way your profile is blocked. May be u should let it open for some allies. :)

Shafi said...


Thanks bro . U got it :)

Shafi said...


You are so sensitive, thats why. :) Thanks you so much. :)

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