Sunday, April 4, 2010

seasonal Fruit. I dont know its English name. :)

This is one the fruit plant that i grown in my back yard. This year it flowered and fruited. My 5 year waiting finally comes to an end. And hell yeah its so cool to see it hanging on the branch. A lot of neighborhood kids are coming to pick these. And even though its burning summer here, i have managed to keep this guy from hot sun.

Some more pics..

sorry for the low quality images. I took it with my phone :)


Slow processor said...

Hey,Its called rose apples.I have two trees of this at home back in Kerala, more reddish than yours.
Liked the post..nostalgic.

Shafi said...

Rose apple !! Thats kinda weird name. But there must be some 'real' name for it.

Tanvi said...

They are called White Jamuns shafi... :) Hi...Long time no see..I know i havent been on blogging since a long time..

Do check out a new blog..

Mind Writer! said...

Yep, it's called Rose Apple. Although, we don't get it in reddish color in Bangladesh. In Bangla, it's called Jaamrul!

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