Saturday, May 9, 2009

KHOLLI HILLS. . Back yard of my college !!

The rainbow formed just after a rain. You can see the kholli hills in the background.

The evening sky. I took this pic when i was standing on the roof of our building.

Mid day at kholli hills. It was noon time when i took this picture. Visibility was too low just a couple of feets.

3624 steps which is leading to the waterfall in kholli hills. see the waterfall below. i counted it when we returned. Because it took much time.. and effort. just i dont want to miss the credit !

It was still raining in there when we reached the waterfall point. It look like we were in jurassic park or amazon. Thick forest with slipery rocks, mountains, giant trees..... the journy was really an adventures. Monkeys and other creatures... and trenches to one side.
This is the waterfall. Around ten floor building hight. you can see some of my friends on the botton where the eater is falling. crazy fellows... after all its was really really fantastic there. U get free serviced, u can get cleaned yourself with out brushing..

to reach the bottom, it was a dangerous move. water flowing full speed pushes us back to where we start. Wind blowing at more than 40 km/h. water was around 18 digree. i should say i cant express the feeling using my words. U should love this... if u love adventure !! this was a real hiking.... a wonderful experiance

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